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Kristina Mouritzen

Owner | Designer | Stylist

Kristina Mouritzen started Design & Steen, an interior and fashion blog, fueled by her design obsession. In 2017, she transformed her blog into a design studio and shop. Thus, creating Steen.

Kristina attended the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University in Boston, MA, where she obtained her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design. After graduation, she moved to Newport Beach, CA, where she began her career in the interior design and model home industry.  After a few years, she relocated back to San Diego, CA to continue her career in commercial design. Her broad range of experience has allowed Steen to thrive. When Kristina’s not on the blog or designing, you can find her thrifting, exploring nature, or enjoying time with friends.

Rosie Mouritzen


Rosie’s love for design and fashion started at a young age. She initially joined the design industry with her superb faux finishing company, Paintabilites. Before merging with Steen, Rosie was co-owner of Harlow Lifestyle, where she specialized in furniture re-purposing and styling. Through her work experience and natural abilities, Rosie can exceed client expectations.

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