Californian Winter

February has been up and down temperature wise. One day it feels like summer and the next is fall. Going to college on the east coast made me appreciate winter fashion. There’s something about making cozy & warm fashionable. I have been back in California for two years, I am realizing I have not worn those fashionable winter clothes a single time. Rather than spend a ton of money replacing my wardrobe, I mix and match my clothing. Layering is key during this time of the year! It’s cold in the morning but too hot in the afternoon. Here’s an example of a street wear outfit. I kept it simple and classic with a graphic tee, flannel, jeans, and converse. If this isn’t warm enough for you in the morning, bring a leather jacket for the road. The best part is this outfit only costs about a total of $180. That’s a steal, especially when all the items can be used for multiple looks!

Meow Bella graphic tee by Forever 21

BDG flannel by Urban Outfitters

BDg high rise cigarette jeans by Urban Outfitters

All white leather sneakers by Converse