My annual trip to Palm Springs landed on this weekend and the goal was to do something different than usual. Although, laying by the pool and shopping always sounds like a great plan. For me, touring Elvis’ honeymoon house he shared with Priscilla was beyond amazing! I’ve loved Elvis Presley ever since I was a little girl. I even had an Elvis clock, where his legs swung to “tick-tock”. Recently, I’ve been starting to plan my trip to Graceland, so this was the perfect sneak peak! The house is a beautiful mid-century home (my favorite style!),which is raised at four different levels on circular pods. The entire layout of the house is in circular form or has angled walls. There is not a square room in this house. Talk about thinking outside of the box! This is even seen when approaching the house. You walk up circular stone steps leading up to the house that has a waterfall running underneath. Not to my surprise, the house was originally commissioned by the same family that commissioned “Falling Water” by Frank Lloyd Wright in Pennsylvania.

The exterior stone wall is translated into the interior spaces giving the house texture and contrast to its overall white walls. The stone is still in the lighter tones, which keeps the space airy and relaxing. The light colors are essential to work with the natural daylighting of the home. There is not a single overhead light that is not natural. How awesome is that? There is also large pane windows overlooking the backyard and pool area, which let a lot of light in.

Above, you can see a statue of Elvis’ infamous pet monkey, Scatter!

The kitchen area really shows the theme of “circles”, particularly in the stove centered instead of an island.

The backyard area feels like it straight out of a 1960s pool party movie scene. The pink accents in the roof next the striking blue pool water create a beautiful scene. I sure wish I could’ve been at one of those parties here! The pink tone in the roof is repeated in Elvis’ bedroom pictured below.

For this casual Saturday day, I wore my favorite summer dress and my new favorite hat. I kept my outfit streamlined with black & white.

See below to get the look:

Dress by YAYA for Urban Outfitters

Marnie short brim bowler hat by Urban Outfitters

Purse by Tory Burch

Sandals by Target

Hair By Christina DiCandilo at Cut Salon

Xo, Steen