Into the Desert

The quote, “I have an insane calling to be where I’m not”, describes my current mantra. It is so important to get away and just take in the beauty of the world. Being free in the desert with the beautiful mountains and sky beyond puts in perspective how little all the things people worry about are. Down the road, we will remember times like these, not the times we spent behind our office desks.

Being free in the desert definitely comes with HEAT. I put together an outfit that kept me cool, but still stylish. Using a bikini as my top was the key. I paired it with high-waisted shorts & black platforms. My bowler hat & sunglasses add an aesthetic look to my outfit, while keeping me shady as well.

Get the look:

Marnie short brim bowler hat by Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses by Kate Spade

Bikini top by Target

Shorts by Zara

Shoes by Target

Xo, Steen