The Huntington

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, & Botanical Gardens stole my heart this weekend. From scenery to architecture, it is incredible how much you can see here. The library has a vast collection of manuscripts and books. The breathtaking architecture among the gardens contains collections of early American and 18th/19th British & French art.

There is an array of botanical gardens including the Desert Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Rose Garden, the Chinese garden. There are also the Subtropical, Herb, Jungle, and Palm gardens.

Although all the gardens are beautiful, the Chinese garden stood out the most for me. I loved that there was almost mini destinations surrounding one large pond. There was also a bridge running through the middle of the pond. Also, the Tea House is a perfect place to break up your trip at the Huntington.

The Japanese garden featured an impressive display of bamboo and bonsai gardens. I’d say this garden was the most impressive in terms of plants.

Be sure to check out the lily pond & see the Koi! They were super active when I saw them.

In the greenhouse pictured below, I really felt like I was in the rain forest. The air even smelled like it.

On the walk out of the Huntington, I passed through “the jungle”. Mini waterfalls kept popping up along this path. There was something really magical about this.

Be sure to dress casual and wear comfortable shoes on your visit to the Huntington! There’s so much to see and you will get a little exercise walking around this place.

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