Communal Coffee

Communal Coffee is an adorable cafe meets plant shop in North Park of San Diego, CA. I initially saw the big painted letters “Coffee + Flowers” on the exterior while driving by. I then noticed the awesome mid-century patio furniture, so I knew I had to check this place out! It’s located next door to the North Park Nursery and it’s “back patio” is actually in the nursery. This really gives off the community vibe that they are going for. I tried the Lavender Earl Grey Tea on my first visit and I highly recommend it. There are also flowers via Native Poppy and a variety of accessories/knick knacks available for sale in the coffee shop.

Not only is the concept of Communal Coffee amazing, but also the interior design is to die for. It has a rustic feeling that goes well with the nursery element, which is contrasted with mid-century furniture and accents throughout the space. This gives that clean, yet welcoming touch to the mod style. The overall colors of the space are black, white, and wood finishes. This works very well, especially because the plants are what work as the accent color.

Xo, Steen