Moniker General at Liberty Station

Liberty Station has completely transformed the neighborhood of Point Loma in San Diego, CA. I grew up in Point Loma, so I have watched the transition of Liberty Station as a navy base into the cultural center that it is today. I remember when my only reason to go to Liberty Station was to tag along with mom to Vons in hopes to get a hot chocolate from Starbucks. However, over the years, more and more restaurants and stores have been opening up. It seems in the last couple years there has been a booming increase in businesses that target a younger audience. I never would have thought that I would want to come to my childhood neighborhood for an after work drink at places like Soda & Swine and Stone Brewery. Liberty Station has truly grasped the idea of creating a sense of community and bringing together people of different interests and ages.

One of the newcomers to Liberty Station, Moniker General, has brought the community feel of the area into their own space. They have a bar for craft beers and coffee alongside a retail space consisting of home goods, custom furniture, and lifestyle products. Everything being sold has been curated to be of a unique and high quality minimalist style. I love the idea of being able to grab a coffee or beer followed by shopping or lounging by the outdoor fire pit. There is really something for everyone here!

On top of creating a welcoming environment, Moniker General has a clean and sophisticated interior design aesthetic. The space has a minimalist style using natural and industrial elements, such as brick, wood, and concrete. Clean lines keep the design sophisticated, along with black and white tile accents at the bar and displays. The cohesiveness of the space and items for sale is what really makes the design stand apart. Everything from the floor to a candle for sale stay within that curated minimalist style of high quality.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend making a visit to Moniker General. It is located in Barracks 23 of Liberty Station at 2860 Sims Rd, San Diego, CA 92106.

Xo, Steen