Banana Leaf Me Happy

Banana leaf prints are one of my favorites with their vibrant green color and Palm Springs vibe. From art prints to fashion, this trend has been taking over summer. Here are some of my favorites, available for purchase, below!

1. Riviera Collection by India Hicks (Photo by Holly Hollingsworth Phillips)

2. Antique louis XV accent chair by Amelierococo on Etsy

3. Tropical Glam Banana Leaf Tapestry by Society 6

4. Talia Bikini by Revolve

5. Leaf Some For Me Plate Set by Mod Cloth

6. Flights of Fancy Banana Leaf Clutch by Kate Spade

7. DIY Ikea Makeover by Domino

8. Be Leaf It Draperies by Loom Decor

9. Leaf the Fest to Me Glass Set by Mod Cloth

10. Santa Barbara Round Towel by Kind & Good

11. Tropical Box Bag by Dolce & Gabbana

12. Printed Silk Dress by Dolce & Gabbana

13. Banana Leaf Poster by Dantell on Etsy

Xo, Steen