Put A Cork In it

Today, cork has become one of the most versatile materials used in interior design. One may instantly just think of wine and pin boards, but there are so many more items nowadays. Due to cork being sustainable, renewable, and durable, it’s use in interiors has boomed over the last 20 years. Cork floors and cork walls as an accent wall are very popular. Here are some successful ways of implementing this below.

However, some of the most overlooked ways of using cork are in day to day decor used in your home. It can been seen in furniture, lighting, and accessories. I’d say the most unique use is in lighting. It’s pretty rare to come across a pendant made of cork. Mixing and matching with metal and marble is one of my favorite combinations. I love how raw and neutral, yet modern, these pendants below are.

As for furniture, the most common use for cork is seen in stools. There are also unique chairs and end tables made of cork. Check out these unique pieces below! These pieces would mix well with an industrial style and are a great alternative to wood pieces.

If you’re feeling like going all out, check out these kitchens accessories and vases. Or try a fun DIY project with wine corks!

Xo, Steen